"Creating a One-Person Show" - SOLD OUT!

Creating a One-Person Show
Taught by Carla Cackowski

The workshop below is sold out.  Please email me at the "Contact Me, Why Not?" in the side bar to be put on my mailing list for future workshops.  Thanks!

Times:  Tuesdays 7-10pm, four weeks long
Dates:  Beginning November 3rd, 10th, 17th, and ending on November 24th
Location: The Complex Theater, M.C. Studio
6476 Santa Monica Blvd.  
Hollywood, CA 90038

Price: $250**
Email me with questions or to enroll. (See "Contact Me, Why Not?" on Sidebar.)
**Please make sure you are able to make all dates as I am unable to allow for refunds.

This four week workshop will tackle the creating, writing and marketing of a one person show.  Whether you have an idea for a show, are looking for an idea for a show, or are hoping to re-work a show you’ve already performed, this workshop will give you the tools to obtain your goal.  Each class consists of lecture, performance time, and personal feedback.  There will be writing assignments each week for you to bring in and workshop in front of others.  At month's end, you will leave this workshop with written material as well as a solid plan for what to do next! 
Carla has written and performed five solo shows that have toured LA's theater circuit.  Some of these shows have also been performed in San Diego, New York City (United Solo Fest), Dallas (Dallas Solo Fest), and Austin (Out of Bounds Comedy Festival).  Carla is frequently hired to direct other solo performers and, most recently, directed Stephnie Weir's solo show, "Vanona Ray: Some Secrets Take You to the Stage", at the Comedy Central Stage in Hollywood in July, 2015.  Carla has taught solo performance workshops in Portland, San Diego, New York City, Dallas, and Los Angeles.  She is on the faculty at The Second City Hollywood and is a member of The Solo Collective, a theater company dedicated to the art of solo performance.  www.solocollective.com  www.carlacackowski.com
Carla has the rare gift of being able to foster an individual’s voice and bring its uniqueness front and center without compromising the foundation necessary for a successful solo show - editing, structure, clarity, fluidity.  Carla is not only a talented writer and performer herself, but has a great ear for story, comedic and dramatic.  She is a wonderful collaborator and director.  I can’t wait to work with her again. - Stephnie Weir “Vanona Ray: Some Secrets You Take To The Stage.” 

Carla has a real eye for bringing a piece alive.   She not only made my show a complete theater piece, but was a true caretaker for me and the show itself.  I can’t recommend her and her work and talent highly enough.
 - Chris McGowan, writer/performer of "Life, the Universe, and Chris McGowan"
Carla has a keen eye for the whole piece- the journey of the show and you as a performer.  The audience response has been greater than I could have imagined. And! My show has been accepted into several comedy festivals! 
-Chrissy Swinko, writer/performer of "#UGH: All of My Disappointments Located Conveniently in One Show"