Solo Show Workshop at Magnet Theater (Oct., NYC)

Just Get It Done: A Solo Show Workshop

Carla was the queen of procrastination. Four years ago she finally put her foot down and made a goal for herself: write and perform one solo show a year. Four years into this experiment, Carla has four solo shows under her belt. In this workshop, Carla will share her experiences from the beginning of the process through completed project, as well as reveal the most important thing she does to ensure the completion of her shows. Whether you have an idea for a show, are looking for an idea for a show, or are hoping to re-work a show you’ve already performed, this workshop will give you the tools to obtaining your goal. Time will be given to each student to discuss where you are in the process and what the next step will be to get your closer to the completion of your show. Instructor will make herself available via email for a follow-up session in November to do a check-up on your progress. For years you’ve been talking about doing a solo show. What are you waiting for? Just get it done! 

Friday October 4th 6:30-9:30pm

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