Carla is a solo performance artist who has written and performed five shows.  These shows have played in theaters across Los Angeles, including Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The Second City Los Angeles, Comedy Central Stage, iO West, M.i. Westside Comedy Theater, Lounge Theatre (Hollywood Fringe), and VS. Theater Company.  She has toured her shows to other cities including San Diego, Austin, Dallas, and New York City.  She has also directed other solo performance artists and offers workshops throughout the year on how to create a solo show.  More information on that can be found here.  Carla is a member of The Solo Collective, currently in residence at the VS. Theatre Company in Los Angeles.

Her skills to captivate audiences through monologues are uncanny. --Entertainment Voice

Carla is not only enthusiastic, she has a definitive, first-hand knowledge of and apparent love for the characters she creates.  – LA Theatre Review

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Recommended!  – The Rundown LA

With seemingly little effort, she slips into and out of a dizzying array of characters – all of them people she encountered on her adventure high seas – and makes each of them glow with life.  – Audience Review,



Mary Shelley has been challenged to come up with a scary story by a room full of accomplished men. Paralyzed by writer's block, she falls asleep and is confronted by all of her womanly insecurities. History may remember Mary Shelley as an English novelist. But did you also know she was a bossy sister? A bad girlfriend? A so-so mother? And hey - a time traveler! Mary Shelley loves Beyonce!  Directed by Jane Morris. Produced by The Solo Collective. An official selection of the 2015 Dallas Solo Festival.

Album Cover by Aaron Rozenfeld

Show Photography by Jeff Passino



Carla’s biggest fear in life is death. What if she dies before achieving anything ”special”? Or worse. What if it doesn’t matter? In a search for answers, Carla crawls into a sweat lodge. Then she dies. Almost. Sweatlodged is the true story of one woman's quest for spiritual enlightenment.  Through monologues and personal stories, Carla recounts the experience of being pushed to her physical and emotional limits while surrounded by thirty strangers under a tent made of sticks and blankets. In a backyard. In Compton. “Death’s the worst!” – Carla’s (almost) last words. Directed by Paul Stein. Produced by The Solo Collective. An official selection of the 2013 United Solo Fest in New York City and the 2014 Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival. 

Album Cover Design by Aaron Rozenfeld

Album Cover Photography by Angela Peterson

Show Photography by Jeff Passino




A narcissistic YouTube star giving a lesson in trend setting. A quirky folk singer performing for her "fans" at a laundry mat. A rebellious teenager doing stand-up to piss off her parents. A feminist at a book reading whose ex-boyfriend just won't stop texting her. Skinny Faces, Quacking Ducks is a character monologue performance piece where each woman is doing her best to be exactly what she thinks you want her to be. Or not be. Directed by Craig Cackowski.                       

Monologues from this show were included in an anthology titled, Women's Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny (edited by Alisha Gaddis), published by Applause Books in September of 2014.  Buy your copy here



LAist "Pick of the week!"   When Carla volunteered at a convent, the sisters assumed she wanted to become a nun.  She did not correct them.  In fact, she lied. Sister Mary Liar is a solo-play about a woman trying to overcome a mountain of misunderstandings between herself and God.   

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                                         GIRL OVERBOARD                                          


When she took her dream job performing sketch comedy on a cruise ship, Carla was certain she’d have the time of her life. She was wrong. Girl Overboard is a solo-play based on experiences that Carla had while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. A mis-adventure, if you will. Please do. Directed by Paul Stein. "Recommended" by Rundown LA! An official selection of the 2010 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas.  

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